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Who We Are

Who we are


Welcome to Wellow House School. I hope that this website will give you a little insight into the life and character of this very special place. We are proud to offer an exceptional educational experience to all our pupils aged between 3 and 13 years within our idyllic surroundings; the 20 acres of our parkland site provide unrivalled opportunities for sports and outdoor learning for all, as well as promoting the high academic standards you would expect from such a well-established Preparatory school.

Our educational vision has each pupil at its core, yet this is achieved within a familial, happy, creative atmosphere. The exceptional caring, positive tone of the school ensures that children really do flourish in all areas of their school lives; the balance between academic studies, sport, music, creative flair and a broad-based education enables each child to discover their strengths and talents to prepare them, in the widest possible sense, for their future lives. Pupils are prepared for 11+ examinations if required and also Common Entrance

You will find our pupils articulate and self-confident. This is not by chance, but a core part of the values of the school that they develop as they spend time with us. We are small enough to know each child really well so that they can flourish within our school community, but large enough to provide them with all the opportunities – and many more – that they need to embrace a life-long love of learning at an early age.

We would love for you to see more. Please do arrange a visit to come to see us in action – I can guarantee a time of fun, of learning and of great discovery.

I look forward to meeting you very much.

Kirsty Lamb, Principal
Kirsty Lamb, Principal


Wellow House School had its inception in 1971 in the kitchen and sitting room of the Forbes’ family home in Ravenscar, on the scar above Robin Hood’s Bay. Robin Forbes took a dozen pupils to this idyllic spot in Nottinghamshire, whilst their parents searched for a suitable site to upsize.

Over the last 40 years the smallholding and family home developed into the school it is today. Numbers quickly grew and within 10 years there were 140 boys. The school then became co-educational in the early 1980’s and ‘Pre-Prep’ was added in 1986.

The school was founded on a strong commitment to education, respect for individuality, teamwork and the contribution that each makes to students lives and their community. Nearly 45 years later, this ethos remains strong and we now have a number of second generation Wellovians who we are helping to achieve their full academic, physical and social potential.

The school is now administered as an educational charity by a Board of Governors and whether it be university chair or tractor seat that is the ultimate goal, Wellow provides the real recipe of success.

Our Aims

Wellow House School seeks to provide a broadly-based education that enables each individual child to discover their strengths and make the most of their talents within Wellow and beyond.

We have built a well-deserved reputation for high academic standards through a dedicated, well-motivated and committed team of teachers who enthuse pupils through their passion and in-depth knowledge. Pupils are prepared for Common Entrance and Scholarship examinations to a wide range of Senior Independent Schools, both boarding and day, and for entry to county Grammar Schools. The teaching embraces the National Curriculum but is not limited by its scope.

A continuous programme of assessment ensures that all our pupils achieve their true academic potential. Very able pupils are provided with an extra level of challenge and support, whilst those who find academic life particularly testing may receive the targeted, one-to-one specialist support they need to build confidence and maintain progress.

Sport is also central to the Wellow curriculum, not just because the children enjoy it, but also because it embodies many qualities which the school also believes in. Learning to win and lose, to lead and be led, to push oneself to one’s limits, to think and work as part of a team, to know when to strive for more and when to acknowledge when you have done all you can. Children at Wellow take part in some form of physical activity every day.

Creative talent is also engendered, with much encouragement given to music, art and drama.

We encourage each pupil to be self-confident, enthusiastic, inquiring, tolerant, positive, and well-rounded with an independent mind; an individual who respects the individuality and differences of others.

Our Staff

Teaching Staff

Miss K Lamb

Senior Leadership Team
Mr A Williams (Deputy Head)

Assistant Head
Mr D O’Kane

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Staff at Wellow House School

Abbott, Patrick – Peripatetic music teacher
Anderson, Tina – Learning Assistant
Atkin, Elizabeth – Learning Assistant
Bardsley, Adrian – Teacher of Science
Beldon, Veronica – Teacher of Art/Games
Bell, Linda – Domestic staff
Bennett, Margaret – Catering Assistant
Birkett, Nigel – Groundsman (contract)
Bolwell, Louise – Supervisor
Bownes, Rachel – Sports coach (afterschool)
Brealey, Cassandra – WHSPA volunteer and uniform shop
Buck, Dawn – Learning Assistant
Burton, Zoe – Chaplain
Cotton, Maria – Tennis Coach at Caunton Tennis Club
Doney, Elizabeth – Teacher of French
Forster, Catherine – Teacher of Geography
Fretwell, Louise – Parent volunteer
Harding, James – Tennis Coach (Caunton and Wellow)
Hawley, Rebekah – Pre Prep Teacher
Haynes, Ben – Peripatetic music teacher
Hucknall, Janice – Finance Assistant
Huson-Whyte, Sarah – Peripatetic music teacher
Lamb, Kirsty – Headmistress
Liley, Susan – Learning Assistant
Lockett, Sarah – Teacher of Maths
Lonsdale, Laura – Minibus Driver
Lynam, Lynne – Domestic staff
Marriott, Helen – Head of Catering
McCormick, Jayne – Catering Assistant
McLaughlin, Jane – Year 3 Teacher
Nichols, Lorraine – Head of Games
O’Kane, Daniel – Assistant Head/Teacher of English/History
Oldershaw, Charles – Supply teacher
Storey, Felicity – Pre Prep Teacher
Parker, Christine – Pre Prep Teacher
Price, Matthew – Catering Assistant (Apprentice)
Reast, Kathryn – Pre Prep Teacher
Rich, Pauline – Head of Domestic Staff
Sales, Heather – Registrar
Sampatakou, Despoina – Teacher of Latin
Sheard, Cheryl – Yoga tutor (extra-curricular)
Taylor, David – Teacher of Science
Wagstaff, Robert – Minibus Driver
Walster, Sarah – Peripatetic music teacher
Williams, Ashley – Deputy Head/Head of Music
Woodhouse, Mark – Site Manager