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Notice Board

Notice Board

Monday, 24th September

U9 Rugby v Burton Hathow (H) 2.00pm
U9 Hockey v Burton Hathow (H) 2.00pm

Tuesday, 25th September

7 Billion Ideas Roadshow @ Wellow 1pm

Saturday, 29th September

Southwell Ploughing Match 8.30am-6pm

Monday, 1st October

U9 Rugby v Lincoln Minster (H) 2.00pm
U9 Hockey v Lincoln Minster(H) 2.00pm

Wednesday, 3rd October

U13 Hockey v Worksop (A) 2.30 S80 3AL
U11 &U9 Cross Country @ Witham Hall (A) 2.30pm PE10 0JJ

Thursday, 4th October

Individual Photos 9.00am

Friday, 5th October

Harvest Festival Service 11.00am

Abbott, Patrick – Peripatetic music teacher
Anderson, Tina – Learning Assistant
Atkin, Elizabeth – Learning Assistant
Bardsley, Adrian – Teacher of Science
Beldon, Veronica – Teacher of Art/Games
Bell, Linda – Domestic staff
Bennett, Margaret – Catering Assistant
Birkett, Nigel – Groundsman (contract)
Bolwell, Louise – Supervisor
Bownes, Rachel – Sports coach (afterschool)
Brealey, Cassandra – WHSPA volunteer and uniform shop
Buck, Dawn – Learning Assistant
Burton, Zoe – Chaplain
Cotton, Maria – Tennis Coach at Caunton Tennis Club
Doney, Elizabeth – Teacher of French
Forster, Catherine – Teacher of Geography
Fretwell, Louise – Parent volunteer
Harding, James – Tennis Coach (Caunton and Wellow)
Hawley, Rebekah – Pre Prep Teacher
Haynes, Ben – Peripatetic music teacher
Hucknall, Janice – Finance Assistant
Huson-Whyte, Sarah – Peripatetic music teacher
Lamb, Kirsty – Headmistress
Liley, Susan – Learning Assistant
Lockett, Sarah – Teacher of Maths
Lonsdale, Laura – Minibus Driver
Lynam, Lynne – Domestic staff
Marriott, Helen – Head of Catering
McCormick, Jayne – Catering Assistant
McLaughlin, Jane – Year 3 Teacher
Nichols, Lorraine – Head of Games
O’Kane, Daniel – Assistant Head/Teacher of English/History
Oldershaw, Charles – Supply teacher
Storey, Felicity – Pre Prep Teacher
Parker, Christine – Pre Prep Teacher
Price, Matthew – Catering Assistant (Apprentice)
Reast, Kathryn – Pre Prep Teacher
Rich, Pauline – Head of Domestic Staff
Sales, Heather – Registrar
Sampatakou, Despoina – Teacher of Latin
Sheard, Cheryl – Yoga tutor (extra-curricular)
Taylor, David – Teacher of Science
Wagstaff, Robert – Minibus Driver
Walster, Sarah – Peripatetic music teacher
Williams, Ashley – Deputy Head/Head of Music
Woodhouse, Mark – Site Manager