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Academic Stages

Academic Stages


The school buildings are in close proximity but are separated into ‘Pre-Prep’ and ‘Prep’. The Pre-Prep building contains Foundation Stage 1 to Year 2 classrooms and a smaller playground where children can play in the sandpit or with a multitude of toys and bikes.

The school day is Monday to Friday 8:50am to 3:30pm although Foundation Stage 1 pupils are often part-time and build up their attendance as they mature.

Foundation Stage: FS1 & FS2

3 to 5 year olds

The highly qualified teaching staff and excellent pupil/adult ratio ensure sound curriculum delivery and pastoral care. The Headmistress Miss Lamb has the additional qualification of Early Professional Status.

Pupils follow a well-planned curriculum programme designed to achieve the early learning goals within seven key areas of learning: Personal, Social and Emotional development; Literacy; Communication and Language; Mathematics; Understanding the World; Physical development; and Expressive Arts and Design.

Key Stage One: Year 1 & 2

5 to 7 year olds

Literacy, Numeracy and Science are very much a priority at this stage of development. In addition, the following subjects are taught: History; Geography; ICT (Information Communication Technology); Art and Design; Gymnastics and Dance; Swimming; Games; Music; Religious Studies; and French.

The transition to Prep School starts in Year 2 with specific subjects being taught by subject specialist Prep-School teachers.

Fun after-school clubs exist.


The Year 3 classroom is cosily situated between the staffroom and reception to support pupils through the transition to Prep. Years 3 to 8 get the benefit at break time of extensive playing fields, an all-weather football surface and hard surfaced playground with traditional toys like hoops and skipping ropes.

The school day is Monday to Friday 8:45am to 5:00pm. There is also optional Saturday school from 9:25am to 12:00pm for pupils from Year 5. Saturdays are focussed on extra-curricular activities.

Key Stage Two: Year 3 to 6

7 to 11 year olds

Children in Year 3 are supported through the transition to Prep, ‘The Bridge’, period by having a Form Teacher for their core subjects and benefit from subject specialism in the remaining subjects. Science is covered separately as Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

From Year 4 onwards the pupils are taught by subject specialists and move beyond the National Curriculum guidelines for Key Stage 2, adding Latin to their programme of study from Year 6. Here they are encouraged to make the most of the programme of extra-curricular activities after school.

All pupils are encouraged to participate in inter-house competitions and sports fixtures with other schools, along with concerts, drama productions, musical groups and ensembles.

Pupils benefit from weekly Verbal and Non-verbal reasoning coaching in order to equip them to sit the 11+ if they wish to apply to a grammar school.

Key Stage Three: Year 7 & 8

11 to 13 year olds

The Wellow House School curriculum encompasses the National Curriculum but isn’t limited by its scope. The addition of Classics and Scholarship preparation enable more able students to outstrip the National Curriculum by up to two years. The Wellow House subject files contain comprehensive courses of work taking pupils beyond KS3, having the advantage of not being shackled to bought in text books. Many old Wellovians testify to their files’ efficacy by using them at A level.

As the pupils build towards Scholarship and Common Entrance examinations, their educational experiences are enriched with investigations and research in Science, History and Geography, including field trips. They also enjoy many theatre trips to encourage a love of the Arts.

Abbott, Patrick – Peripatetic music teacher
Anderson, Tina – Learning Assistant
Atkin, Elizabeth – Learning Assistant
Bardsley, Adrian – Teacher of Science
Beldon, Veronica – Teacher of Art/Games
Bell, Linda – Domestic staff
Bennett, Margaret – Catering Assistant
Birkett, Nigel – Groundsman (contract)
Bolwell, Louise – Supervisor
Bownes, Rachel – Sports coach (afterschool)
Brealey, Cassandra – WHSPA volunteer and uniform shop
Buck, Dawn – Learning Assistant
Burton, Zoe – Chaplain
Cotton, Maria – Tennis Coach at Caunton Tennis Club
Doney, Elizabeth – Teacher of French
Forster, Catherine – Teacher of Geography
Fretwell, Louise – Parent volunteer
Harding, James – Tennis Coach (Caunton and Wellow)
Hawley, Rebekah – Pre Prep Teacher
Haynes, Ben – Peripatetic music teacher
Hucknall, Janice – Finance Assistant
Huson-Whyte, Sarah – Peripatetic music teacher
Lamb, Kirsty – Headmistress
Liley, Susan – Learning Assistant
Lockett, Sarah – Teacher of Maths
Lonsdale, Laura – Minibus Driver
Lynam, Lynne – Domestic staff
Marriott, Helen – Head of Catering
McCormick, Jayne – Catering Assistant
McLaughlin, Jane – Year 3 Teacher
Nichols, Lorraine – Head of Games
O’Kane, Daniel – Assistant Head/Teacher of English/History
Oldershaw, Charles – Supply teacher
Storey, Felicity – Pre Prep Teacher
Parker, Christine – Pre Prep Teacher
Price, Matthew – Catering Assistant (Apprentice)
Reast, Kathryn – Pre Prep Teacher
Rich, Pauline – Head of Domestic Staff
Sales, Heather – Registrar
Sampatakou, Despoina – Teacher of Latin
Sheard, Cheryl – Yoga tutor (extra-curricular)
Taylor, David – Teacher of Science
Wagstaff, Robert – Minibus Driver
Walster, Sarah – Peripatetic music teacher
Williams, Ashley – Deputy Head/Head of Music
Woodhouse, Mark – Site Manager