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How We Live

How we live

Daily Programme

The Prep-School operates from Monday to Friday from 8:45am to 5:00pm. We also provide a wide variety of evening activities and a breakfast club should any parents need wrap around care and are happy to discuss individual needs.
Attendance is not compulsory.

Although we have a longer school day, pupils are compensated by longer school holiday periods. The additional hours are used to give the children more opportunities to take part sport and creative activities like drama and house singing competitions as opposed to longer academic days. We operate a Holiday Club and Summer School during many of the school holidays that can be used on an ad hoc or routine basis.

Pre-prep school also operates Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5.00pm. Refreshments are provided at morning and afternoon breaks. All pupils take lunch with their teachers. Pupils staying for evening activities are provided with tea.



We have built a well-deserved reputation for high academic standards through a dedicated, well-motivated and committed team of teachers who enthuse pupils through their passion and in-depth knowledge. Pupils are prepared for Common Entrance and Scholarship examinations to a wide range of Senior Independent Schools, both boarding and day, and for entry to county Grammar Schools. Additional, individual tutoring is offered where required.

A continuous programme of assessment and regular progress reports to parents ensures that all our pupils achieve their true academic potential. Very able pupils are provided with an extra level of challenge and support, whilst those who find academic life particularly testing may receive the targeted, one-to-one specialist support they need to build confidence and maintain progress.

We support learning by combining traditional methods with modern technology such as iPads and interactive whiteboards.

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With a broad curriculum that includes Art, Design Technology (ADT), and Drama, all Wellow House pupils have ample opportunity to develop their creative talents.

The well-equipped and spacious art studio has inspired many budding young artists and has facilities for such activities as painting, drawing and sculpting and even has its own kiln.

Many theatrical productions take place at Wellow which are a highlight of the year for the whole school community.

The school is able to offer Music and Art Scholarships for pupils with outstanding ability in these areas and Wellow House leavers’ have won an Impressive number of Music and Art Scholarships and Exhibitions to Senior Independent Schools.



Music plays an important part in the life of the school and more than a third of Wellow House pupils enjoy individual lessons on string, woodwind, brass or percussion instruments, guitar or singing.

Regular concerts at school and in the local church give pupils the stage on which to demonstrate their developing talents.

The school is able to offer Music and Art Scholarships for pupils with outstanding ability in these areas and Wellow House leavers’ have won an Impressive number of Music and Art Scholarships and Exhibitions to Senior Independent Schools.

86% of pupils are currently learning a musical instrument.


We firmly believe that children benefit hugely from taking part in physical activity each and every school day.
The benefit is not purely physical – though the importance of daily exercise can never be understated! Wellow pupils learn a great deal through sport – it provides a vital balance between mental and physical exercise, it encourages children to shine in different arenas and it helps them to develop team spirit.

Wellow House boasts an impressive range of sports facilities.
From a heated, indoor swimming pool to a well-equipped sports hall, tennis court, hockey and rugby pitches, our pupils benefit from resources unusual in a prep school of our size.

Regular sport fixtures take place against other schools throughout the year and parents are always welcome to attend and support the team should they choose.

Beyond the Classroom

Beyond the Classroom

A wealth of opportunities exist for our pupils to develop new skills and talents beyond the classroom. After school each evening and on Saturday mornings, children of all ages take part in an impressive array of clubs and activities. Currently, these include:

  • Archery
  • Drama
  • Golf
  • Mini Tennis
  • Scuba Diving
  • Tennis
  • Art
  • Football
  • Hiking
  • Photography
  • Sewing
  • Textiles
  • Cookery
  • French
  • ICT
  • Role Play
  • Table Tennis

From the age of seven, our pupils take part in regular weekend hiking, camping and hostelling trips, travelling to the Peak District, Yorkshire, Northumberland and beyond. An annual skiing trip to Europe is popular with our prep school pupils.

Wellow Bistro

The Wellow Bistro is where our children enjoy tasty homemade snacks and fresh fruit at break and a home cooked meal at lunch. Our teaching staff sit with the children creating a sense of occasion but also promoting social skills and table manners.

Our in house catering team focus on creating tasty and healthy food that our children and teachers love! Nearly everything we serve is fresh not frozen food and all our food is homemade in
our own kitchen. We pride ourselves on offering lots of fresh vegetables and the very best meat quality from our local butcher.

We cater for vegetarians, vegans and allergies.

We will operate a three week cycle menu that will usually change at each term.

Abbott, Patrick – Peripatetic music teacher
Anderson, Tina – Learning Assistant
Atkin, Elizabeth – Learning Assistant
Bardsley, Adrian – Teacher of Science
Beldon, Veronica – Teacher of Art/Games
Bell, Linda – Domestic staff
Bennett, Margaret – Catering Assistant
Birkett, Nigel – Groundsman (contract)
Bolwell, Louise – Supervisor
Bownes, Rachel – Sports coach (afterschool)
Brealey, Cassandra – WHSPA volunteer and uniform shop
Buck, Dawn – Learning Assistant
Burton, Zoe – Chaplain
Cotton, Maria – Tennis Coach at Caunton Tennis Club
Doney, Elizabeth – Teacher of French
Forster, Catherine – Teacher of Geography
Fretwell, Louise – Parent volunteer
Harding, James – Tennis Coach (Caunton and Wellow)
Hawley, Rebekah – Pre Prep Teacher
Haynes, Ben – Peripatetic music teacher
Hucknall, Janice – Finance Assistant
Huson-Whyte, Sarah – Peripatetic music teacher
Lamb, Kirsty – Headmistress
Liley, Susan – Learning Assistant
Lockett, Sarah – Teacher of Maths
Lonsdale, Laura – Minibus Driver
Lynam, Lynne – Domestic staff
Marriott, Helen – Head of Catering
McCormick, Jayne – Catering Assistant
McLaughlin, Jane – Year 3 Teacher
Nichols, Lorraine – Head of Games
O’Kane, Daniel – Assistant Head/Teacher of English/History
Oldershaw, Charles – Supply teacher
Storey, Felicity – Pre Prep Teacher
Parker, Christine – Pre Prep Teacher
Price, Matthew – Catering Assistant (Apprentice)
Reast, Kathryn – Pre Prep Teacher
Rich, Pauline – Head of Domestic Staff
Sales, Heather – Registrar
Sampatakou, Despoina – Teacher of Latin
Sheard, Cheryl – Yoga tutor (extra-curricular)
Taylor, David – Teacher of Science
Wagstaff, Robert – Minibus Driver
Walster, Sarah – Peripatetic music teacher
Williams, Ashley – Deputy Head/Head of Music
Woodhouse, Mark – Site Manager