Wellow Open Day Wellow House School

Daily Programme

Prep-School: Monday - Friday

The Prep-School operates from Monday to Friday from 8:45am to 5:00pm. We also provide a wide variety of evening activities and a breakfast club should any parents need wrap around care and are happy to discuss individual needs. We also have Saturday School 9:25am to 12:00pm for pupils in Years 5 and above that focuses on a variety of fun, extra-curricular activities. Attendance is not compulsory.

Although we have a longer school day, pupils are compensated by longer school holiday periods. The additional hours are used to give the children more opportunities to take part sport and creative activities like drama and house singing competitions as opposed to longer academic days. We operate a Holiday Club and Summer School during many of the school holidays that can be used on an ad hoc or routine basis.

8.45am Registration
8.55am Periods 1 - 4
11.05am Break
11.35am Periods 5 - 6
12.40pm Assembly & Registration
1.00pm Lunch
2.00pm Periods 7 - 8
2.00pm (Weds) Games/Matches
3.05pm Break
3.30pm Period 9
4:00pm Period 10
4.40pm Cultural Period
4.55pm Form-time/registration
5.00pm Day ends
5.00pm Tea
5.15pm Evening Activities


1.55pm Periods 7 - 9
3.25pm Break
3.55pm Periods 10 - 11
4.55pm Form Period


9.25am Registration
9.30am Activity 1
10.30am Break
11.00am Activity 2
12.00 noon End of the day


Monday - Friday

8.30am Early Birds
8.50am Registration
8.55am Lessons
10.15am Break
10.45am Lessons
12.00 noon Lunch
1.30pm Registration & Lessons
3.00pm Assembly
3.30pm Day Ends
3.30pm Owl Club Starts
5.00pm Owl Club Ends

Refreshments are provided at morning and afternoon breaks. All pupils take lunch with their teachers. Pupils staying for evening activities are provided with tea.