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Common Entrance

Common Entrance (CE), for which the children are entered at the end of Year 8, is a set of academic examinations that pushes them well beyond the expectations they would encounter in a state school or an 11-18 private school, because it is used to rigorously check ability and work ethic to determine entrance and setting within the child’s next school.

It gives children a real feel for exam environments before they reach GCSEs and they learn such skills as the best revision technique for them and how to cope with exam pressure. Those who don’t go through CE will sit their first important exams at GCSE, not the most advantageous time to assess how your child copes with pressure. Understanding this and preferred revision techniques early can be hugely beneficial when it comes to GCSEs and even A levels.

As a Year 8 at Wellow, a child is guaranteed to receive great focus in the classroom, such as termly examinations, that would not occur in a ‘through’ school. We have decades of experience supporting children through their examinations and a 100% success rate to date. It is wonderful to see the great sense of achievement they feel when they pass and how they set off to their next school with a new found confidence they may have never had. They have also experienced a key lesson in how putting the effort into revising and working hard can achieve great, and often surprising, results.

Although pupils are expected to work hard and pass their exams, the reality is that the school they are applying for will, most likely, have already decided to accept them. The exams then give the school a feel for where each pupil will sit in terms of ability. So, although important, the reality is that the exams are rarely ‘do or die’.