Wellow Open Day Wellow House School

Why Wellow

If you wanted to sum up in a single list why the current parents of Wellow choose to send their children to us for their education, the main reasons are as follows:

  • We are a family orientated prep-school that is small enough for every child to have a chance to find their unique talents and individually shine.
  • We are small enough so that every member of staff knows and interacts with every individual pupil and gains an understanding of their strengths and weaknesses so they each feel better nurtured and supported.
  • We have small class sizes to enable one-on-one attention and a promise to split classes if they get too large. Our average class size is 15 pupils.
  • Pupils interact with friends from different age groups across the school on the playground, in sport and performing arts. The smaller class sizes are excellent for focussing on academic work but do not reduce any interaction and enjoyment with a wider group of friends throughout the day.
  • We are focussed on subject specific teaching from Year 4 with some subject specifics, like Music, Art and French, being introduced at Year 2. The children benefit from the trust and responsibility of moving themselves around the school to their timetabled subject classrooms.
  • We are one of the few truly independent preparatory schools in the region as opposed to being a ‘feeder’ for a specific school. Our advice on the best secondary school for individuals is therefore completely unbiased. We have longstanding relationships with a vast number of independent and grammar schools and an exemplary success rate of scholarships and head pupils within these.
  • We provide tailored advice on selecting the right senior school for an individual child’s needs. There is no uniformly perfect secondary school for children and it is important that the choice of school best mirrors the requirements of your child to enable them to reach their full potential. In a child’s earlier years, it is difficult to know what their passions and needs will be as they reach their teens and Wellow enables them to ‘find themselves’ before they are committed to a certain path.
  • Happiness is as important to us as academic achievement. We balance work with giving children a fun childhood, for example, abandoning work for an hour and building snowmen following a rare snow flurry. Our children really enjoy being Wellovians and speak fondly with pride of their experiences for the rest of their lives.
  • Wellow children are kind, well-rounded people and generally good citizens. It is impossible to understand this without talking to some of them but when they talk so articulately, with such confidence and depth of feeling the benefits of being able to thrive in the Wellow environment becomes apparent.
  • We have sports fixtures with other schools every Wednesday afternoon throughout the Prep-school, that parents are welcome to come along and support. We also have the benefit of professional coaches attending the school to support the children’s learning.
  • We are one of the few schools in the region who coach our Year 8 pupils for the Common Entrance exam so they have the benefit of a real exam environment and learn the revision techniques that best suit them before they sit their GCSEs. We have a 100% success rate. We provide additional coaching for Common Entrance and/or the 11+ should any child require this.