Wellow Open Day Wellow House School

Our Aims

Wellow House School seeks to provide a broadly-based education that enables each individual child to discover their strengths and make the most of their talents within Wellow and beyond.

We have built a well-deserved reputation for high academic standards through a dedicated, well-motivated and committed team of teachers who enthuse pupils through their passion and in-depth knowledge. Pupils are prepared for Common Entrance and Scholarship examinations to a wide range of Senior Independent Schools, both boarding and day, and for entry to county Grammar Schools. The teaching embraces the National Curriculum but is not limited by its scope.

A continuous programme of assessment ensures that all our pupils achieve their true academic potential. Very able pupils are provided with an extra level of challenge and support, whilst those who find academic life particularly testing may receive the targeted, one-to-one specialist support they need to build confidence and maintain progress.

Sport is also central to the Wellow curriculum, not just because the children enjoy it, but also because it embodies many qualities which the school also believes in. Learning to win and lose, to lead and be led, to push oneself to one's limits, to think and work as part of a team, to know when to strive for more and when to acknowledge when you have done all you can. Children at Wellow take part in some form of physical activity every day.

Creative talent is also engendered, with much encouragement given to music, art and drama.

We encourage each pupil to be self-confident, enthusiastic, inquiring, tolerant, positive, and well-rounded with an independent mind; an individual who respects the individuality and differences of others.